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Puppy Home Visits

You’ve decided to introduce a new puppy into your home. You’ve researched what breed is best for you and your family; there’s great excitement in your home anticipating puppy’s arrival, but what’s the best way to set off on the right foot? Feeling unsure?

There’s no better way than to get answers from an expert. That’s why Sue Gilmore, a professionally qualified, well-known expert dog behaviourist and trainer can answer your questions and demonstrate how to settle your puppy into your home.

The first 20 weeks of a puppy’s life are critical to forming a magical, life long relationship together. So, get expert advice and you’ll be well on your way towards teaching your puppy to be happy, responsive and willing to please you.

Topics covered include:

  • Welcoming your puppy into your home
  • Nipping/biting/play fighting
  • Jumping up
  • House Training/Toilet training
  • Destructive behaviour: chewing furniture and household items
  • How to socialise with people, dogs and the world around your puppy
  • Basic training exercises: sit, down, come when called, walking without pulling, etc.
  • Nutrition advice: what to feed your puppy
  • Car safety
  • Advice on pet insurance
  • All your questions answered
  • Helpful, tried and tested advice based on years of dog owning experience

Here to help solve your puppy’s unwanted behaviour problems – book your Puppy Home Visit and enjoy being the proud, devoted owner of your new furry friend.

Confused by all the advice available on the Internet?

A Puppy Home Visit can save you £££s even before you welcome your puppy home. Learn about poor quality, but expensive, puppy food; toys that could potentially harm your puppy; buying pet insurance that may not offer comprehensive cover for life plus a whole raft of other facts and advice based on expert, real life experience.

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Rachel did and saysIt was great meeting you yesterday and all the information you gave us was eye-opening. It was of huge help. I’ve been implementing your advice today and have seen an improvement in Cooper’s behaviour already.

Great to know we have you there for guidance! 
Looking forward to coming to training classes soon.  April 2024
“Just wanted to thank you for your help and guidance yesterday, I am excited to tell you that I took Bella (spaniel) for her two walks today, once this morning and then this evening, both times we met other dogs. I made her sit, with me between her and the other dog as it passed and she did not make a sound. I was so pleased with her. Long way to go yet but good progress I thought ( and she didn't bark at the horses either) Once again many thanks.”