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Telephone Consultations

Ask the Expert - £45 per 30 mins / £75 per hour

Telephone or Video Virtual Consultations via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom in the UK and across the world

Why choose a Home Consultation with Sue Gilmore, expert professional dog behaviourist?

  • I offer proven professional advice, based on years of experience to solve your dog’s behavioural problems.
  • All the benefits of a personal behavioural consultation in the comfort of your own home, so you save travel costs and your precious time
  • Establish a respectful and trusting, life-long relationship between you and your dog
  • Video your dog’s unwanted behaviour in situ and learn how to solve it with thoughtful remedial techniques designed specifically for you and your dog. I know from experience that dogs can exhibit different behaviours when strangers are present or when they are
    aware that they are being observed – just like children!
  • All dogs are different and your lifestyle is different to others. Environmental circumstances,
    time constraints, family and work commitments are taken into consideration to ensure that the practical plan I design specifically for you works.
  • Book your personal telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time
  • I provide a written programme with “Top Tips” to ensure you have the best opportunity to ensure success.
  • Think of your dog’s unwanted behaviour as a challenge, not an unsolvable problem and expect success!

I can help you with:

Pre-puppy Ownership:

  • All aspects of choosing the right puppy for you and your family
  • Selecting your perfect puppy from a reputable breeder – avoid falling prey to puppy farmers
  • Bringing home and settling your puppy into your family environment

Puppy Consultation:

  • Comprehensive advice on all aspects of owning your puppy, including:
  • Socialisation
  • Toilet training and crate training
  • How to stop nipping, biting and jumping up

For Junior and Adult Dogs:

  • Anxiety, confidence issues and being home alone
  • Territorial and possession behaviour
  • Destructive and chewing behaviour
  • Boisterousness
  • Attention seeking and jumping up
  • Aggression to people and dogs
  • Barking, boredom and stimulation
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Training issues

…. and much more.

Don’t wait until your dog’s behaviour gets too much – send me a note of how I can help you for a personal quotation.

I’m here to help YOU!

Telephone Consultancy Fees: 

£45 per 30 mins : £79 per hour
Payment via PayPal or BACS prior to the consultation, please.

 Lockdown is being eased, but with social distancing still  necessary, now is the ideal time to address and resolve your dog’s behaviour issues. Many of the more serious problems need to be addressed in the first instance away from the actual scenarios where they occur. Putting the foundations in place in the home is the perfect place to start and with family around to help, why wait?

There’s so much conflicting advice and forums on the Internet; numerous books that offer unproven methods and false hope, as well as advice from well-meaning fellow dog owners. Don’t waste your time and your money believing that ignoring problems makes them go away. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

I am here to help you via your preferred virtual communication platform, just as I can when making a home visit.

Looking forward to helping you and your dog – just Ask The Expert!

Here’s what Emma said after our telephone consultation on 9th May 2020:

“Thanks so much for all those tips, I will be in touch again soon! This is my dog Charlie with my mum’s (better behaved) Yorkie. Thanks, Emma”
Emma and Charlie