Puppy Course

Thursdays at 6.15pm for six weeks

Getting a new puppy is exciting and often a dream fulfilled, but sometimes life can be stressful when your furry bundle of fun tests you out with a nip or two, rips up your prize plants or forgets to go outside to toilet.

At puppy class you’ll learn how to train your future best friend, teach her/him manners and basic training techniques to build a life-long relationship that’s rewarding and respectful for you both. At Essex Dog Academy we believe that every puppy should be given the opportunity to fulfil her/his potential and every owner should be able to enjoy a well behaved, socially acceptable pet dog that responds happily and with enthusiasm.

Ask questions – you’ll get expert answers based on vast experience of owning and training dogs of all ages and breeds, personalised to your needs.

A great relationship between you and your puppy is yours for life when developing techniques together. At Essex Dog Academy you get the best progressive training and behaviour advice to build your partnership  through understanding and communication.

Venue: Woodham Mortimer Village Hall CM9 6SX

Places are limited

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